Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Bottom of the Top of the World

Hey all!

Just checking in from what I am told is Highest Broadband connection in the world!

After 2 days of trekking, I have just arrived in Namche Bazaar in the Nepali Himalayas! Namche is approximately 12,000 feet above sea level (4,000 meters for all you non Americans) with a population of about 1,500.

It is sort of the last major out post before Everest Base camp. Traditionally it is a trading village for Nepalis and Tibetan people.

The hike has been impressively beautiful. Between glacial melt rivers, prayer flags, a huge varity of plant life, and more amazing mountains than you can count the walks have been super enjoyable.

Here are some of the picture of the first day.

On day one I took a Charter flight from Kathmandu (4,000 ft) to Lukla (8,000). The landing strip is "the most dangerous in the world". It is tilted to slow the plans down before they land (in order to prevent you from crashing into the mountain).

From there, I met up with my Sherpa and started my trek from Lukla to just past Monju.

A street in Lukla

The start of the trail to base camp.

One of the many prayer rocks along the trip.

A fancy place to stay along the way.

This way to Namche.

Glacial ice melt river.

My Sherpa's Village

Yaks on a bridge.


A little water fall I discovered.

The altitude hasn't been a problem, and I am hiking faster than I expected! Its been a great trip.

There are just a few pictures I mananged to upload in the 1 hours worth of internet I bought up here. There are TONS more to come!

Stay good.

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