Saturday, October 9, 2010

Namche Bazaar: The coolest little city at 12,000 ft

I found time for another update. The weather in Lukla is much too cloudy for my flight back to Kathmandu to take off, so I am spending an extra night on the mountain. Strangely (or not strangely, I guess) there is a Starbucks up here, so I am mooching the off the free Wifi. (Really!? There is a Starbucks in LUKLA but not Xiamen?)

Anyway, the second day of trekking was shorter but involved quite a bit more elevation gain. I stayed the night in a tiny village called Laraja Dobhan that was about 8,560 ft above sea level (2610 meters) and the following day hiked to Namche Bazaar which is 11,2000 feet above sea level.

We left at 8 because I was told it would take 3-4 hours to make it to Namche and I wanted to be there by lunch time so I could take an afternoon hike. The the slog to Nmache involved a lot of going straight up rock faces...

crossing bridges...

and negotiating Yak Jams.

Turns out the hike to Namche really only took 2 hours. (Maybe one day I will write "The guide to Hiking in the Himalayas for People Who Aren't Funding their Trip with Money Fresh out of Social Security")  so I had an early lunch, checked into the hotel, and headed off again.

This time we were heading for Thamo, a small village where you can see the Tibetan side of the mountains. This hike was much more of an easy day hike. Very little elevation gain with lots of nice flowers



and some interesting hydro electric power projects. The projects were set up by Sir Edmund Hillary with the objective of supplying renewable power to the rural villages and Forest Nurserys. A vital boon to local farmers who spend their whole lives trying to grow food sustainably in the last place on earth I would ever try to start a farm.

After 2 hours or so I made it to Thamo. The big peak way in the back ground is in Tibet.

The walk back was about 2 hours as well. I met some nice people on the way and went for a beer at 1 of the 2 local bars. Somewhere in between I took a few shots of Namche at night. Here are a few.

The main street.

The street leading to "The Liquid Bar".

The village form a little ways up.

And a carved and painted prayer rock in the middle of the village.

All in all a great day of hiking and hanging out. Namche is a great little town. The perfect balance between quite, hiking, and things to do at night. I will absolutely come back here, eventually.

Hopefully my flight will leave on time in the AM or I am going to be spending quite a bit more time here then I planned on! (which I wouldn't mind at all except for my flight is non refundable...)

More soon. Stay good.


  1. Hi there,

    I came here following a link in Google regarding cost of living in Xiamen and ended up reading many of your posts, which are quite entertaining! I'm planning on moving to Xiamen in the spring. I'm thinking about teaching English, but currently work in accounting (which I majored in in college). Just curious, how did you find your job at ENRY? I'm open to continuing in the business field as well. Thanks and take care! :)

  2. Brad, 好久不見!
    How are you doing ? Everything good in China and... wherever you have been recently ?
    Life is strange, back in France and I hope I'll be able to travel again, soon.

    Wish you all the best,