Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trip Home Extended

Interesting news.

Turns out my 3 week vacation home has been extended, significantly.

The trade show I came home for was a blast and more of a success than I expected.

After talking to a close friend I was informed that there is ANOTHER show at the same place (Javits center in NYC) on January 30th - Feb 3rd. Lindon has decided that it is worth while to send us BACK.

So the team (Chris and I) will head back down to the city to do some more damage.

Our factory then closes for the Chinese New Year on the 6th so it is hardly worth going back at that point.

We have decided I (and maybe Chris! Cross your fingers for us) will go back on Feb. 19th!

Looking forward to seeing the people I didn't get to see in the first three weeks.

Here are a few pictures I think are worth posting from the trip home!

I don't usually like to take photos on the air plane but I thought sun rise at the North Pole was worth it.

The Fam on our annual X-mas tree hunt.


Building Cameron's (my 3 year old second cousin) first Snowman!

Dad and I working hard to make the toboggan run for *ahem* Cameron

Not exactly China related... but I hope you enjoy them.

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