Monday, March 1, 2010

The 'Hood

Talking to Rach (from back home) the other day, it was mentioned that I only ever take pictures of the really cool/beautiful/unique things I do. That is all fine and good I think, but my original purpose of the blog was to really be able to show what daily life in Xiamen is like and to provide a little bit of information for people that would consider coming here.

From now on, I am going to try and start doing more short, daily life related posts and then when something interesting comes along I will do a longer one.

So, to kick this format off, I thought I'd just do a quick post about my Neighborhood so people can get a better sense of where it is exactly that I am living.

First some info. My apartment is in the Huli area of Xiamen. You can look at a map here

It is pretty small, just 1 bathroom, 1 bed room, a living room and a TINY kitchen. My rent is about 1300RMB a month (Approximately $180). Its nothing fancy, but it suits my needs just fine.

Here is the entrance to the apartment complex that I only ever see if I walk there. Its kind of like how everyone has a front door that looks nice and is always decorated, yet for what ever reason it only opens when special people come visit.

This is my apartment complex. I live in the last one on the left, 8th floor.

Some of the buildings are apartments and some of them are "houses" I guess? A good comparison would be, If you live in the Bronx and you have one of those sort of "Classic" houses with the stoop and what not. That considered a house not a large apartment right? (Jim McMahmon if you're reading I am specifically thinking of your house." Anyway...

This is standing a little ways out from the entrance to my building at sun set.

Across the street there are a variety of shops, markets, and food vendors.

Occasionally I'll pick up some fresh fruit at this little stand before work.

These are dinner carts where workers or passersbyers can grab a quick bite on the fly.

Here is the market where I get most of my produce. Sorry for the blurry picture, I didn't have flash on so as not to attract even MORE attention then I already do as a foreigner ,with a camera, in a market.

More photos of the market. A table full of spices. (Can you name them in their not ground up and bottle forms?)

Some fresh veg. Again sorry for the blur...

These two are the view from my apartment at night.

The market is right behind this hotel.

And finally, for my own enjoy and if there are any TSLers reading, there was a SAAB outside my building today! By the look of it, an 06-07 Aero! I'd love to find out who's it is. Its only the second one I have seen in Xiamen so far!DSC00831

Well, that's all for now. Hope that paints a decent picture for people!

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