Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Office

No! Not with Jim and Pam, MY office.

Some people have been asking me about where I work so I figured I would post some pictures. Xiamen ENRY Co. ltd is the name of the company. It is a manufacturing and export company that specializes in the production of luggage, back packs, and hand bags along with a few other assorted varieties. If you are interested or if by chance you should happen to need a whole lot of bags made have a look at our website.

Its nothing too exciting really, but there are some distinct and interesting differences.

Everything about this picture is what you would normally see when you first come into the office except that the person at the front desk usually has quite a bit more affiliation with the flag on the left then on the one on the right. (Though Chris gets told he "looks more Chinese" all the time. He has decided its a compliment.)


Then as you turn right you see a few things that you might not see in a normal American office. Note the Buddhist shrine located on the right. There is incense, fruit, and a statue of Buddha on the inside. There is also a Tea set that we use frequently when we meet with customers and the factory foremen.


Then there is the super exciting area where we spend out days. Everyone else is out too lunch, but Chris is still plugging away...


Then we arrive at my desk. Apparently some where along the line I became a Mac fanboy. Nothing to exciting here just some pictures of the folks and friend, a photo copy of my diploma (since I haven't been able to see the real one yet!), and my Tiger calendar haha! (In case you didn't put 2 and 2 together, 2010 is in fact the year of the Tiger)


And this is my lovely view of everyone in the office. The windowed room is of course Lindon's office.

And then there is the newbies desk. It still needs some character building.


And that is about it for the office. I was wary of taking photos in the factory... I am not sure Lindon would appreciate that, though there are a few on the website if you care to look.

Anyway, not the most exciting post but I thought it might be interesting to others who are working in offices to see what they are like in China!

More later.

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  1. And why would the newbie need character building? ? ?

    Oh!! You mean his DESK ! ;-)

    I wish my first office in Japan had looked that nice. Desks jammed up against each other, and no personal effects whatsoever.