Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Buddha!

Very eventful day today! It doesn't even feel like the same day as when it started. It's so much easier to get up earlier when you know the day is going to be exciting and different!

It's a bit out of order but exciting so I'll start with it.

Got photos of my new apartment from Lindon this evening! It would appear nicer than I ever imagined! The only down side is there is no gas for a stove, so creative cooking will have to be implemented. I think a hot plate, microwave, maybe a toaster oven? will be in order.

Here are the pictures he sent me...





Now for the days events.

I met up with Tom for coffee before he left for Australia. Great conversation ensued as usual. I was sad to see him go but hopefully we will met up again. I have a strong feeling I'll be back in HK again.

After Tom left a headed for the Mui Wo ferry.

It was the clearest day yet so I took the same picture of Star city I have taken 20 time but it was finally pretty clear this time

The ferry took me past a MASSIVE bridge. This is only about 1/3 of the total bridge. I'll have to look it up.

For scale this is another 1/3 of the bridge

and the boats in front of it are actually this big

After a long bus ride up some pretty impressive Mts we arrived at...
Big Buddha!

He certainly is big!

and so are the mountains around him!

There are 6 of these, a little bigger than life size statues, offering the big guy gifts all around him

Here is a picture of one I thought came out particularly well

Side view with person for scale

Another for scale

Picture of cool flowers that grew near him for mom

Than I took a gondola like thing up and over the Mts. Pictures of the big guy from the ride

The view from the gondola

Waterfall far below

More view

You cant really tell from the pictures but we actually crossed 3 separate mts. This picture is coming down the last one. And I thought I'd just hike it. HA! Those little white dots in the water are people.

Fisherman actually


View of the city that the gondola arrived at

Funky little fishing boat

On the way back a met a very nice women from Holland who was here on business. We talked travel and things for a bit. She only had a few days and asked me what to do. I felt like such a local spouting off things and directions! haha

After the train ride it was off to Stanly Market. I wasn't really sure what to expect since it was recommended as good shopping. Turns out its actually a great bus ride to the other side of the island with great views along the way. It also had a cool little temple that I went in...

The best way to describe it was the "Little America" Newport style to you Rhode Islanders reading. Lots of shops and restaurants along the water.

Some pictures




The difference was that the food was moderately price and the shops are notoriously cheap. It is where all the "rejects" from major brands go. Of course you couldn't tell what was wrong if you wanted, it makes for great buys. I picked up a nice Polo brand dress shirt for about $17 American for work. (bargained down from $25) Just about any brand name you can think up, weather it be cloths, shoes, bags, sun glasses, or snow jackets all for give or take 75% off. Good incentive for any of you shoppers that want to come visit

After half an hour I was sick of shopping and had some dinner. All the restaurants are geared towards different types of foreigners. All lined up where "Main Street" an American restaurant, "Queens pub" that offered fish and chips and things for brits, and something in Italian and another in French that I cant remember how to spell. There was also this

Which was super fancy. I did not go there.

I did how ever find a place that served Quesadillas and Gigantic glasses of Hoegarden. Needless to say I was pleased.

At night there are tons of lamps and you can't go wrong photographing them

At around 9:00 I caught the bus back to central. Apparently the 6x is the less scenic much faster rt. I discovered on the way back.

Over all it was a great experience! Two staple HK destination in one day. Tomorrow I leave for Xiamen which is super exciting! I am sad to be leaving HK, it has been great to me in just a short time. I will try and get in one more thing in the morning before I head out. But at 5pm tomorrow it's on to the next!! Assuming all goes according to plan I will be meeting Lindon in Xiamen Airport tomorrow at 6:55!

Too the main land!

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