Friday, October 16, 2009

First Full Day in HK

Just a quick post tonight since I am hiking early tomorrow with Tom.

Today was productive and fun. I took a ferry over to Star City which is a very modern/European section of the city and wondered. The ferry gave a great view of the sky line and only cost $1.80 HKD (about $.025) so it was totally worth it.

I found some great look out points and the HK space museum. They just happened to have an exhibit called walking with Dinosaurs, so of course I had to go in :-D. With a student ID the special exhibit and museum was $17 HKD. (about $2.50) So far the most expensive thing I seem to buy is coffee and cab rides! And even those are priced pretty close to what they would be back home.

My camera died about an hour into the adventure but I took a few pictures on my phone. I'll post them tomorrow.

Had a great western style dinner at the "Football club" in downtown HK with Tom and a friend of his named Paul who is in Finance. Hes been here about 3 years and speaks less Chinese than I do. It made me feel a little better about how much I know. Tom on the other hand is impressively fluent in just about every language that came up in conversation (All the Chinese dialects, French, Japanese) I can only hope my Chinese is half as good as his one day!

I must say, if your going to go to HK, I highly recommend finding an intelligent, well connected, and interesting person who speaks the language and knows the city, like Tom, before you go. It makes the whole experience much easier! :-D

More tomorrow. Sleep now for a hike to "the peak" (recommendation of Dave Seddon and Tom) in the morning!


  1. A space museum with an exhibit about Dinosaurs?!?That sounds EPIC. I'm glad you're having such a good time! Remind me again why you didn't steal me and take me with you?

  2. haha DINOSAURS IN SPACE! It was great! I'll try and get some pictures up. Unfortunately they are from my phone and didn't come out that great.

    Thanks for commenting! Its great to know there are people out there haha.

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