Thursday, October 29, 2009

More food related post

Apparently there is some concern around the office that I am not eating enough, am starving my self, and will become too skinny.

I believe it stems from the fact that everyday I bring "bread" to work and have it for lunch. In reality, everyday I make my self a sandwich (bread, lettuce, cheese, peppers, onions, and chicken) and bring a long a piece of fruit and a water bottle.

I have tried to explain that it is not just bread and is in fact a sandwich and even showed them the insides to convince them this is not only healthy and normal but fiscally responsible (everyone else in the office orders a 3 course take out meal. This is apparently much more normal here). This has been a fruitless effort.

They are so unconvinced that I was instructed to buy Chinese food at the supermarket and was sent with a chaperon to make sure I was getting the right things.

Tonight I cooked my first Chinese meal. I am absolutely sure I cooked it wrong or there is supposed to be more added but what I am not sure. I really don't even know what it is. I was just instructed to "cook hot pan with oil". (the hot pan part was with hand motions and not actually vocalized so it was more like "cook{hand waving}hot oil" )

I am trying to be open minded about it, but I really don't understand how this is more healthy than a sandwich.

I looked up the ingredients on the back on my translator and it is essentially sugar, milk, egg, and flour. I just had fried dough for dinner.

How on earth are American's fat and these people stick thin?

Obligatory picture after I had eaten most of them.

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