Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some pictures from the first night

Good morning!

Just a quick post of some pictures I took last night to go along with all this text.

First my hotel room, quite literally. One room.


There is about a foot and a half between the bed and the wall on the side you cant see.


and the bath...closet. That's the end of the bed in the picture.


And here the desk. Anyone who is more then 10 lbs larger than me would not be able to work here.

And that's it. Haha. Some interesting differences, the key goes into a slot in the wall and the hot water, elec, and A/C won't work with out it. The room comes with a water boiler because because you cant drink tap water. Brushing your teeth with boiling water takes getting used too.

And some pictures from my wondering.





Stay tuned.

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