Saturday, October 17, 2009

"The Peak"

Everyone should come to Hong Kong!

Where to begin...

Well, this morning I woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel. The choices at the buffet were beans, some sort of slimy half hard boiled egg-like things in water, waffles with sugar, hot dogs, pasta, boiled cabbage, tea, and oats. I oped for waffle. Call me unadventurous.

At 9 I jumped a cab over to Tom's place and we headed for "the peak". For those who don't know (I didn't) HK is squished into about 3/4 of a mile of land between massive mountains and the pacific ocean. As you can sort of seen here...

There is a pretty treacherous road that goes up the side and we got a cab about 3/4 of the way up. Once there you can hike along a series of paths that from what I could tell go about 25k or 12 miles to 5 or 6 different points, like these two.
There are also a series of trails that randomly branch off to different look out points. Here is the view from one...

Yes that's pollution in the air. Directly to the right of this picture is a large power plant that according to Tom is responsible for about 60% of the air pollution in HK. Anyone who seriously believes humans are not significantly altering the earths atmosphere has obviously never been here.

The paths were beautiful. And while we where engaged in some pretty intense conversation about life, the universe, and everything I did stop to snap a few pictures.

This leaf is about as big as me.

Water Fall

Funky Trees

Once we finally reached the final peak the view was phenomenal!

To add to the mystical feeling there where assorted butterflies of every color flitting about. They absolutely refused to land for me so the only picture I got was this one.

We had lunch at a great Italian place on top of the Mt. People actually live up here. The white building in the corner of the picture is a private residence. We ate outside and we had a view of the point we had just climbed too.

It should be noted at this point that there is some crazy money in HK. I have seen 8 Roles Royce since I have been here. About 4 times as many as I have seen in my life. The Maseratis are to many to count. Porsche's are about as common as Volvo's in RI.

After lunch we took the tram down, which could have been just as easily called a roller coaster if it didn't have breaks. I failed at getting a good picture of this, mostly because I was holding on for dear life. Before the road it was the only way to get to the top.

Once down, Tom had to go home and skype with the family and left me to wander. Here are some pictures of random things I thought where interesting/funny around the city.

Lamps and things hanging in a shop

More cool lamps

Dragon on some pottery

Fish market! The things in the background in Styrofoam are very much living.

Here is what was living there! Crabs!

Terracotta warriors going back to school!

Food market

More lamps! Thanks to my research in theater class I recognized the faces as Peking Opera characters.

I even stopped into Tom's Church which has been there since 1850.

Quite a fantastic day if I do say so! HK is SO easy to get around and be foreign in. I can see why so many people come here and never leave! It wouldn't take much to get me to come back for a good amount of time, that's for sure. Anyone who wants to come over and visit and do HK I will be more than willing!

Time for dinner. Nothing to much planned for tonight. Might walk about randomly and explore the night life. Until later. Stay good.


  1. That view looks aweeesomee and wait the Terracotta Soldiers going back to school is actually great! Haha.

    Hong Kong looks and sounds pretty amazing, I've never really heard anything about it before but now I'm totally adding it to my list of places I need to travel too.

    You better keep these blog posts up, I enjoy living vicariously through you as you travel!

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  3. It's crazy that you are doing all the same things in Hong Kong that I did 8 years ago? I have vague memories of the tram, but I vividly remember the view from the peak.
    While you're in Hong Kong check out the floating village, I thought it was cool when I was there, along with visiting a tea garden/museum which was close to the Bank of China, but besides that I don't remember exactly where it is...

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